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Online appointment for medical consultations, clinics and hospitals.


The patient is the one who wants to be able to contact the health center without stress, at your own pace, with your information, without papers, without calls or receptionists, and leave with all the information in the palm of your hand, in a mobile app. 

Hidup Medical optimizes and streamlines all the resources of health centers, clinics and hospitals. We improve the service and user experience, achieving greater loyalty.

Our clients increased the citation of their centers by 30% thanks to our solution in web, app and tablet applications.

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Around 15% of appointments do not appear, almost always due to forgetfulness. Email, SMS and push up reminders solve this problem. Patients can book and modify their appointments, anytime, anywhere. No shows will be drastically reduced; the number of appointments will be increased and the income will increase.

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Hidup Medical can automate consents, medical records, images of personal documents, insurance information, results data, surveys or any other information that you want to collect in an encrypted and secure way. respecting at all times the information of the patient according to the data protection law.


We attach great importance to the feedback received from your patients. Improving the added value that Hidup Medical offers to your business sets us apart from the competition. Incidents are managed with a close and humane treatment. Ultra specialized support thanks to the know-how of the Hidup team.

benefits for clinics and hospitals

  • Integration and implementation from 24 hours
  • Online appointment 24/7
  • Confirmation of appointments in seconds
  • User experience
  • Centralized management
  • Adaptation to all sectors: wellness, veterinary, natural therapies ...
  • Control and improve the rates of canceled appointments
  • Ultra specialized support thanks to the know-how of the Hidup team
  • Administration modernization
  • Encrypted and protected user data
  • Priority service, giving personalized attention to the patient
  • We propose a SaaS tool that sells, loyalty and saves costs with a 24-hour integration, non-invasive implementation with the software (His) of clinics and hospitals.
  • Designed for large and small centers providing our solution that will modernize your citation process with a significant impact on the service and financial benefits.
  • Total management of the services of your medical center, which professionals appear, specialties, language of the consultation, specifying at all times that it is shown to patients.

  • Control of spending in the first person with email, sms, or pushup reminders, managing your flow and billing.


Full control of appointments, services and professionals offered by your medical center, with filtered statistics according to your needs. Access to this administration tool will be in a secure environment, only personnel with accredited permission; you can manage reports, patient lists, appointment management. and everything that happens in your clinic.

Priority Service

Innovation in the sector

  • Priority comes to respond to the concern of the centers for profitability, allowing increased benefits and greater patient satisfaction.
  • This service allows you to manage appointments directly through the center, giving preferential services that generate additional income.
  • Differential value with respect to the competition.
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Our clients

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Very thankful...

We are very happy to be part of a business launch program with international prestige such as Andalusia Open Future who has the support of the Junta de Andalucía with his Regional Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities, from Telephone and with the collaboration of the municipalities of Malaga, Almería and Córdoba.

Thanks to our comprehensive application oriented to the health sector we are among the companies chosen by "The cube" from where we start our project as a shuttle at national and international level.