Comprehensive management platform for medical centers

Features required by a current query:

For the visibility of a query, it is essential to be accessible in Google searches. Thousands of people are looking for professionals online and being reachable is essential. For all specialties you need a platform that gives you visibility and helps with the management of the consultation, that is the perfect combination.

Hidup Medical: proposes to optimize and streamline the use of all consultation resources; improving the service and experience of professionals and patients, achieving greater satisfaction in both directions. 

The clinic in your pocket

The advantages of using a manager in the cloud instead of traditional computer programs are many and go beyond not having to download a program. You won't be tied to a single computer (or the licenses you have). You can access your portal from any device with an Internet connection: mobile phones, tablets, computers. Lhe will carry his center in his pocket.

ANDl storage on our encrypted servers it is also much safer. Thanks to our platform if your computer crashes, nothing happens, the data will be safe and with automatic backups; being able to access from any other device.

Free of additional costs

By using Hidup Medical you will save on expensive installations (hosting on own servers); any system update is done in a controlled manner without affecting users, so you will always have the latest version when connecting to your portal.

High customization and ease of use; make Hidup Medical the best ally for professionals who want to streamline the administration of their clinic to focus on patient care.

Manage your query: Administration

Comprehensive management of your medical consultation from your control panel: appointments, services, professionals, billing and statistics filtered according to your needs. Access in a secure environment; and everything that happens in your query.


Incidents are managed with close treatment. Ultra specialized support thanks to the knowhow of the Hidup team. You will always have advice in case of any incident or doubt.

Patient portal

Around 15% of appointments are not presented, almost always due to forgetfulness. Email, sms and push up reminders solve this problem. Patients will be able to book and modify their appointments, at any time and place, by accessing their profile on the portal.

digital medical records

You will be able to keep a record of your patients' sessions, of the clinical histories that will be stored and encrypted, respecting the patient's information at all times according to the data protection law.

Hidup Medical Plans

Web, Mobile and Premium

Digital clinical management platform

A solution at your fingertips

Personalized attention

We offer added value for your medical center to improve the experience of your patients, making the administration of your clinic easier.

Integration with the center

Synchronization drivers with any api (if necessary) between the center and our platform.

Our purpose

Increase the performance of your business by controlling and improving the numbers of cancellations.

Customer Support

100% dedicated support for incident resolution so your experience continually improves.

Manage your center without downloading heavy programs

Your portal will be activated from 24 hours, so that your patients can communicate with your center anytime, anywhere. Our platform is designed to facilitate the relationship between the center and its patients.

Launching offer

Hiring a Hidup Medical plan

organic positioning

Ready to be able to position your center with your logos, specialties, the patient portal available for your patients.

When hiring any plan

During the first three months they will have premium support that will facilitate their adaptation.

Hospitals and clinics that trust Hidup Medical
Hidup Medical Plans
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Very thankful...

We are very happy to be part of a business launch program with international prestige such as Andalusia Open Future who has the support of the Junta de Andalucía with his Regional Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities, from Telephone and with the collaboration of the municipalities of Malaga, Almería and Córdoba.

Thanks to our comprehensive application oriented to the health sector we are among the companies chosen by "The cube" from where we start our project as a shuttle at national and international level.