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Cookies policy

        Hidup Medical Cookies Policy


  1. Use of cookies
  2. Types, purpose and operation of cookies
  3. How to disable cookies in the most used browsers
  4. What happens if cookies are disabled
  5. Changes in the cookie policy

Use of cookies by the HIDUP MEDICAL website 

The Web  HIDUP MEDICAL  uses cookies. Cookies are files sent to a browser through a web server to record the User's activities on a website or services on the website of HIDUP MEDICAL (hereinafter, the services). Cookies are used to facilitate faster access to selected services, and to personalize the services offered by the Hidup Medical websites, based on the user's usual choices and preferences when using the services.

Cookies are associated with an anonymous user and their computer, they do not collect personal data. The user can configure their browser to not allow the installation of cookies used by the website of  HIDUP MEDICAL, without the rejection of these preventing the user from accessing the services, although, not allowing the installation of cookies, may lower the speed and quality of operation of the website.

Types, purpose and operation of the cookies used on the web HIDUP MEDICAL

Classification of cookies according to their duration:

  • "Session Cookies" or "Persistent Cookies": the former are eliminated when the browser is closed, while the latter remain on the computer.
  • "First party cookies" or "Third party cookies": depending on whether they are served by the web domain itself, or by a third party.
  • Third party cookies": This website, like most websites, includes functionality provided by third parties. New designs or third-party services are also periodically tested for recommendations and reports. This may occasionally modify the cookie settings and the appearance of cookies that are not detailed in this policy. It is important that you know that they are temporary cookies that it is not always possible to report and that they are only for study and evaluation purposes. In no case will cookies that compromise your privacy be used.

Among the most stable third-party cookies are:

  • Those generated by the analysis services, specific, Google analytics to help the website analyze the use made by users of the website and improve its usability, but in no case are they associated with data that can identify the user.

Google analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google, Inc., a Delaware company whose main office is at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States.

The user can consult here the type of cookies used by Google. Google+ and Google Maps cookie, according to the provisions on its page about what type of use of cookies.

Recaptcha from google 3: We have implemented reCAPTCHA 3 the use of this service is subject to the Privacy Policy and the Conditions of service of Google. reCAPTCHA 3 is only used to combat spam and abuse on our website. This service is not used for any other purpose. Please understand that the reCAPTCHA API works by collecting information from hardware and software, such as device and application data, and submitting it to Google for analysis. The information collected about your use of the service will be used to improve reCAPTCHA and for general security purposes. It will not be used for purposes related to personalized advertising by Google. In accordance with Section 3 (d) of the Google APIs Terms of Service, we agree that if we use the APIs, we are responsible for providing the notifications and consents necessary for this data to be collected and shared with Google. By residing in the European Union, both we and API customers will comply with the European Union User Consent Policy. Our use of reCAPTCHA is subject to call limitations. Google may implement these limitations at its discretion by applying any of the means described in the section on call limitations or in these terms of service.

Google fonts:

In order to display fonts uniformly, this website uses fonts provided by Google. When you open a page, your browser loads the necessary 'google fonts' in your browser and stores them to display the texts correctly. In order to do this, your browser creates a direct connection to Google's servers. Therefore Google knows that your website has been visited by your IP address. Google fonts are used to make our website look more attractive and consistent. This constitutes a legitimate interest according to the GDPR legislation Art. 6 (1) (f)

If your browser does not support google fonts, a standard font will be used.

If you want to know more about how Google treats your data, you can see it here and in the Google privacy policy.

  • Multi- WordPress, is a user of the platform for supplying and hosting WordPress Blogs, owned by the North American company: Automattic, Inc. For this purpose, the use of your cookies is never under our control or management of our website and, in addition, they can change or increase their function at any time.

These cookies do not report any benefit to the person responsible for this website. Automattic, Inc., also uses other cookies to help identify and track visitors to WordPress sites, learn about their use of the site Automatic website, as well as your access preferences, as established in section "Cookies" of your privacy policy.

  • Social media cookies: Social media cookies can be stored in your browser while browsing the web or when you use the share content button.
  • Embedded content: Some features of this website use third-party plugins, such as the social media buttons or videos hosted on YouTube. These services could use cookies, which are beyond our control, even if they are hosted on our website. In addition, its usefulness could vary over time. For these reasons, below we present the list of links to the privacy policy pages of the aforementioned services.

Youtube cookie policy

Linkedin cookie policy

Classification of cookies according to their purpose:

  • User input cookies or session cookies: They are used to perform logins, shopping carts, etc.
  • Authentication cookies: They identify the user once they log-in to the system.
  • User centric security cookies: Cookies aimed at increasing the security of a service requested by the user, such as controlling security when repeatedly trying to access a registration system.
  • Multimedia Player session cookies (Flash Cookies): They are used to store technical data necessary to reproduce video or audio (such as image quality, or network speed).
  • Load balancing session cookies: These cookies will only store information about connection points (technical cookie).
  • UI customization cookies: They are usually used to customize the appearance of the web (language, etc.).
  • Social plug-in content sharing cookies: Social networks usually have “plug-in modules” that website owners can integrate into their platform so that users of social networks can share content with their contacts. These plug-ins usually involve the installation of cookies on users' computers.
  • Third party advertising: Cookies used for third-party ad networks.
  • Third-party cookies: These cookies can track how different websites are used, including ours. For example, you can get cookies from a social media company when you log into our website using a social media plug-in, but you can disable these cookies at any time.
  • Analytical cookies: they generate statistics on visitor flow, browsing patterns, etc.

In this sense, in the present website, they are currently used:

Name of the cookie 1st or 3rd partPurposeExpiration dateDoes it imply access to personal data?
Type of cookie
cmplz_functional1st partSave cookie consent preferencesDoes not remainDo notLogin
cmplz_statistics-anonymous1st partSave cookie consent preferencesDoes not remain Do notLogin 
cmplz_marketing1st partSave cookie consent preferences1 year Do notAnalytics
cmplz_policy_id1st partTo store the accepted cookie policy ID1 year Do notLogin
cmplz_consent_status1st part Save cookie consent preferences1 year Do notAnalytics
cmplz_preferences1st part Save cookie consent preferences1 year Do notAnalytics
cmplz_statistics1st part Save cookie consent preferences1 year Do notAnalytics
_ga1st partUsed to differentiate users2 years to
starting from settings
Do notAnalytics
wp-settings-1 1st partUsed to customize the user interface1 yearDo notFunctional
wp-settings-time-13rd partIt is used to customize the view of the administration interface1 yearDo notFunctional
wordpress test cookie1st partTest that the browser accepts cookies.sessionDo notSession
1st partIt is used to check if the current visitor is a registered user on daysDo notFunctional
Google fonts1st partRequest the user's IP addresssessionDo notSession
Rc: a1st partGoogle reCAPTCHA Distinguishing between humans and robots prevents spampersistentDo notpersistent
Rc: c1st partGoogle reCAPTCHA Distinguishing between humans and robots prevents spamsessionDo notSession
Rc: b1st partGoogle reCAPTCHA Distinguishing between humans and robots prevents spamsessionDo notSession
GpsYoutube save location datasessionDo notFunctional
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVETry to calculate user bandwidth on pages with embedded YouTube videos6 monthsDo notFunctional
YSCStore a unique user IDsessionDo notFunctional
PREFStore and track visits across multiple websites1 yearDo not
Do notFunctional
wp saving postUsed to track if a saved post exists in a post that is being edited. If it exists, it allows the administrator to restore data.1 dayDo notFunctional

How to disable cookies in the main browsers

They can be blocked or disabled with your browser's configuration tools. The browser allows you to reject the installation of all cookies, or choose to reject only some of them.

We indicate the links to the tools of the main browsers, where you can find out how to disable cookies.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Safari from Apple

internet explorer

What happens if cookies are disabled

If you reject cookies, you will be able to continue using our website, but it is possible that some of the services and / or links stop working, and we will not be able to obtain very valuable information from you to offer you content according to your interests and so that you can access more easily and quickly to the information of your interest.

Changes in the cookie policy

The Web HIDUP MEDICAL  You can modify this cookie policy, either by incorporating new cookies due to the need for new content that may be offered, or depending on legislative and regulatory requirements, which make it necessary to change it, for this reason Users are advised that the visit before you start browsing the web, and every time you visit it again.

Cookies Policy updated to July 14, 2021.

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By clicking send, I consent that Hidup Medical SL respond to me by mail. You can read our policy by clicking here Privacy Policy. Hidup Medical, will treat your personal data as responsible for the management of the services and / or products that you request. You can exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion, portability, opposition and limitation to the processing of your data, by contacting Hidup Medical at the address: